Regulations Training Class for Compliance Agent

July 31, 2017
12:00 AM
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Virginia Cemetery Association.


Regulations Training Class for the Compliance Agents

The VCA holds a Regulations Training Class for the Compliance Agents twice a year during our Spring Sales Meeting and the Annual Meeting which take place in the Spring and Summer. Check out our News & Events page for information on the exact dates for the class. 

Please review the Cemetery Board Regulations and the Code of Virginia Cemetery Board Statutes prior to attending a class.  This information can be found online at


VCA Cemeterian      $125             
Additional staff         $100
Non VCA Member    $250 

Payment for class should be accompanied with the following material - if you will be requesting additional help and understanding in those areas listed.  If you are comfortable with the areas listed below – no additional material will need to be mailed.

  • Please send three (3) blank copies of your cemetery’s contract for training.

  • Please send three different completely filled out contracts for training and review.  (PC and Merchandise Trust)

  • Please send a copy of your General Price List.  If you do not have one, you may be in violation of the law.  If you need assistance with this procedure, bring your price book to class and we will review.


$225.00 Member Registration - Cemeterian
$275.00 after 07:00 pm July 1

$150.00 Member Registration - Additional Staff
$200.00 after 07:00 pm July 1

$350.00 Non Member Registration for Non VCA Member
$400.00 after 07:00 pm July 1