Legislative Updates

Check back periodically for important legislative updates affecting you and your industry.

July 2011 - New law affecting our transfer process. 

February 2010 - HB 1385- This bill originally started out as HB 598 (Delegate Massie) and would have exempted the resale of graves from regulation. The VCA was against this bill. Based on our objections, Delegate Massie withdrew the bill. However, the real force behind the bill, Delegate Alexander (a funeral director from Tidewater) refiled it himself as HB 1385. The refilled bill also sought to repeal the statute the VCA put in some years ago permitting the recovery of unused graves as "abandoned" after 50 years. HB 1385 came up today before a subcommittee of the House Health Welfare & Institutions Committee. Based on the VCA's opposition, Delegate Alexander requested that the bill be "carried over" (to next year) for further discussions.

February 2010 - HB 1079- This bill would have exempted all record keeping requirements for cemeteries for family plots. The VCA was against this bill. After discussion with the patron and cemetery involved, the bill was withdrawn. Many thanks to the following VCA members for traveling to Richmond to support us at the General Assembly: Steve Gillespie (VCA President), Mike Doherty, Jimmy Stuart, David Gilliam, Caroline Smyth, Walt Melvin, Joe Morris.